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With over 18 years experience in providing mapping services to regulated industries we can provide you with the mapping solution that you need.
In addition to our standard mapping services we also offer

Many industries require some form of temperture or humidity mapping to allow compliance with one or more current Directive. Each directive has a specific set of requirements that can take some considerable effor to resolve into a workable protocol. With many years of experience under our belts we continually keep track of the current requirements for all applicable directives and standards to ensure that the mapping services and protocols we offer will fully meet our customers requirements and allow them to pass any regulatory audits.

In light of the new involvement and audits of Hospital Blood Banks by the MHRA, we are applying our expertise of the MHRA regulated Pharmaceutical manufacturers to bring you a compliant solution for Temperature Monitoring and Mapping.


Atlas has developed Synapse a reliable and compliant Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution.


Synapse complies with the recommendations of the UK Blood Transfusion & Tissue Transplantation Services as outlined in the website and enforced by the MHRA auditors.


Temperature Mapping

To be compliant with GMP the OIG and MHRA have clarified that:

“All equipment controlling temperature must be temperature mapped once a year”

We have developed a service so that you can map your Blood Banks once a year trouble free!


Follow up Mapping Service
In addition to our standard mapping services we also offer a follow up mapping service.
Sould you need to re-map your facility within 60 days following one of our mapping services then you can claim a 50% discount on the follow up mapping service.
This can be useful where a mapping identifies any hot or cold spots and remapping is required following corrective action.


Food Industry

Warehouse Mapping


Our mapping services can easily be applied to most types of storage systems where temperature profiles of the internal space is required. 

• Designed to determine temperature profil of storage and holding locations.

• Provide guidance for mapping protocol and continuous monitoring systems.

• Identifies hot and cold spots to confirm locations for continuous monitoring sensors

• Atlas provides the most comprehensive Mapping Report Folder reviewed by the MHRA

• Rapid delivery time for report generation

• We use only validated data loggers; we can provide post calibration for IMB compliance

• Atlas data management team has 8 years experience in Mapping Reports

• Atlas Senior Consultants constantly monitor applicable directives and guidelines to ensure continued compliance

We can offer comprehensive warehouse mapping which takes into account any site specific requirements such as refrigeration units, Windows, Doors which can have a bearing on the temperature or humidity profile. We have developed a logger placement methology over many years of practical experience to provide accurate results that will allow compliance with the required directive.
This methology not only results in good audutable compliance but also helps in keeping costs down.
As with all our mapping services the customer is provided with a comprehensive mapping report which includes excursion details and floor plans.


Blood Industry

For the blood industry we can offer mappings of blood banks and storage units in a variety of forms.

  • On site mapping
  • Mapping kits
  • Bespoke mapping service

For on site mapping we provide the complete service from initial development of a suitable protocol through the physical on site mapping work to the delivery of a professional printed report.
The final reports include all the information required by the applicable directives along with recommendations where needed.
We can also offer a follow up mapping service using the same protocol to allow continued use of the storage unit should the mapping report indicate any un-servicable areas in the storage unit.

With mapping kits the mapping hardware is simply shipped to the customer in the form of a complete set of data loggers which have been preconfigured for the type of cabinet which is to be mapped.
The kit includes a printed protocol and diagrams to allow the customer to place and retrieve the loggers which are then shipped back to us.
A report is then generated as described above.
here for more information on mapping kits.

For any customer specific requirements that do not fit into either of the above categories we offer a bespoke mapping service where we tailor the mapping work to ideally suit the needs of the customer.

The Temperature Mapping Service is designed to determine the Temperature profile of Blood Bank

Refrigerators, Laboratory temperature controlled storage and Plasma Freezers.

Atlas Technology expertise with the current regulations ensures the delivery of a Temperature Mapping report in Compliance with MHRA & IMB guidelines and inspections.


With the MHRA in charge of auditing Blood Banks, Temperature Monitoring and Temperature Mapping are key points of the Audits.


The NHS OIG recommendations are:

“All equipment controlling temperature must be temperature mapped once a year”


The MHRA also recommends that: “Routine, in-service, (PQ) mapping to be carried out as it (the fridge) is used”


Atlas Technology provides a comprehensive Mapping Report that is intended to meet all MHRA guidelines